“You Can. You Will. You Are.”- Meghan Tonjes

About three years ago, I came across singer/songwriter Meghan Tonjes via one of her videos on YouTube.

Like so many other people, I became a huge fan of her voice and music. I think it’s safe to say many people who come across Meghan have the same reaction I did. It’s like we’re programmed to be amazed at how a beautiful voice could come from a woman who is overweight.

Back then, I would have thought I was too evolved to be narrow minded and that, of course, I could see beyond someone’s exterior, and I wasn’t one of those people who thought a great singing voice could only belong to a thin, “beautiful” woman. However, when I came across Meghan, I realized I did judge.

The more videos I watched, the more, I think, I became more open and more aware.

Recently, Meghan has been working hard at losing weight. Below is a really powerful video she made in which she was brought to tears talking about how she ran/jogging five miles for the first time. No matter how tired she was, she didn’t give up.

Also, if you’ve never heard Meghan sing, check out this video. There were many I could have chosen from, but I loved this video of one of her original songs that was filmed in NYC:

I respect Meghan because of her talent, but I also really respect her for putting herself out there. Over the years, she has gotten a lot of hateful comments because of her weight yet she kept posting videos. She is amazing.

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