Week 9: Green Smoothies and a Sleep Challenge

Last week: 348lbs

This week: 348lbs

Loss:  0

In six weeks, I am going to NYC for a five-day trip.

When I went last year, I was so frustrated because I couldn’t have the kind of experience I wanted thanks to all my excess weight. Granted, I did a fair amount of walking, but after a couple of days, I was so exhausted that I spent the last two days hanging out in my hotel room reading books and ordering takeout. Who does that when you’re in NYC?

I want this time to be different. So, I am dedicated to making some serious progress within the next six weeks.

First change: I have started going to bed at 11:30PM-Midnight. This is huge. My sleep schedule was so off track these last few weeks. Going to bed at 6AM one day and then getting up at 6AM the next day was wearing down my spirit.

I consider myself a night owl. It really pains to think that I’m missing out on the best, darkest, quietest, most peaceful hours as I sleep through them, but I had to do something. I had to get my sleep in order. I do get up early and experience some quiet before the city wakes up and there’s ongoing noise. I’m grateful for that.

My ordering takeout habit has slowed down. I’m drinking green smoothies more so than juice. They leave me feeling full and energized.

Second change: I’ve started working out more. I told myself that if I do two miles on the treadmill every day for the next 40 days, I am buying an iPad.

The plan for the upcoming week is to do some walks outside. I consider it training for all the walking I will do in NYC.

Photo by: LeSimonPix

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