The beginning of October…

I’m determined to finish out this year with some success.

The last few weeks have pretty good when it comes to food.

I’ve cut back a lot on ordering takeout to just a couple of times a week. The food I am eating is with the Six Week Body Makeover food recommended list. When I eat, I also follow the recommended portions.

Now that I’m eating smaller portions, I think back to how much food I used to eat. I honestly never thought I ate that much. Um. Yeah. I did.

Honestly, it surprises me that I really do need so little food as long as I eat every few hours. Looking back, I think where I would go wrong is letting myself get really, really hungry and then buy into this logic that, if I’m so hungry, it’s going to take a lot of food to subside the hunger.

Not only that, but considering I’ve eaten takeout 70 percent of the time and cooked about 30 percent, I’ve always ordered way more food than I needed. Most places have a minimum delivery charge of $20. You can actually get a lot of food for $20.

I’m not exactly sure why it is that, when I did order takeout, I didn’t eat some of it and then leave the rest for the next day. For years, I’ve been in this cycle of not eating for almost 24 hours and then binging.

Well, hopefully I’m slowly backing away from that pattern. Right now, I find that I can stay on track as long as I eat every 2-3 hours. Any longer than that and I start making bad choices.

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