Review: Dan McDonald’s “Lose 1 Pound A Day The Healthy Way” DVD

Lose 1 Pound A Day The Healthy Way DVD

Time: 90 minutes

Cost: $27


For the past two years, I’ve been watching Dan McDonald, the “Life Regenerator”, on YouTube.  I found Dan when I came across a blog post in which someone had posted one of his videos.

Back then, most of his videos were shot while he stood outside, in front of an RV, making juice with his Breville juicer and preaching the healing qualities of fruits and vegetables. Within a week of finding him, I bought my first juicer.

When Dan started making, and selling, more professionally produced videos, I was anxious to check them out. My first purchase was the DVD promising to teach how to lose a pound a day.

DVD Breakdown

During the 9-minute introduction, Dan talks about the many clients that have come to him dealing with serious weight issues. He says he created a simple plan those people could follow to lose weight quickly.

Dan’s weight loss plan is this: Eat fruit for breakfast, fruit during the day, and salad for dinner. Eliminate cooked food and avoid fat almost completely.

The next segment is devoted to explaining the kitchen tools you will need (knife, food processor, blender, etc).

This is followed by a rundown of the various fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs he recommends. Dan goes into detail about the healing properties each have.

Next up: the recipes. Dan offers snack and/or meal recipes for:

-fruit dishes

-veggie dishes




Each recipe section features two recipes.

Following the recipes, Dan concludes the DVD with another 9-minute talk about the benefits of eating raw when you need to lose weight.

What’s To Appreciate

Dan McDonald’s passion for fruits, vegetables, and good health are infectious. I have found that after a lifetime of having such strong attachments to things like pizza, burgers, cake, etc, shifting my mind to getting excited about raw food is a huge endeavor. It takes hearing the same “raw foods will save your life” message repeatedly for me to stay on track. Passion and reinforcement are abundant throughout this DVD.

While a lot of the things Dan mentions in this video can be found, for free, within many of his YouTube videos, this DVD is more like an “added bonus” than it is a DVD containing any sort of exclusive, never before given information or insights.

Production-wise, the kitchen which served as the setting for the DVD was cozy.  I do give compliments to whoever decided to oversaturate the video’s color. The greens looked dark green and lush and the oranges looked bright orange and ripe. It really helped to make all the food look vibrant, fresh, and delectable.

When Dan says he’s keeping things simple, he’s means that literally. The fruit and veggies dishes had no more than three ingredients. I have mixed feelings about that. His first “recipe” showed how to mix slices of an orange with slices of apple with a bit of mint added. For me, it was uninspired. However, I could see how being shown how fast and simple raw foods can be might be a good motivator.

I have to admit, I consider myself fairly well-versed on the topic of raw foods, but even I got a few ideas from this DVD. One was the idea to add asparagus to my juices. (I hadn’t considered it before.)  The second was to try Dan’s orange, tomato, and basil salad dressing.

You want to get a clean body that is running off of oxygen rather than off of the stimulation of spices, heavy foods, and food additives. -Dan McDonald

What Was Lacking

I think this DVD is more of an introduction to raw food meal preparation than it is a weight loss DVD.  People new to raw foods will need advice on blenders and juicers as well as simple recipes.

It seemed like the thought behind this DVD was that the viewer would be someone who is overweight and new to raw foods. (Is the presumption that if someone was familiar with eating raw they wouldn’t be overweight?)  For someone with a bit more knowledge and experience, only small gems of advice could be gleamed here and there.

The camera work was basic, but could have been better. Often times Dan would be pointing out something on the cutting board while the camera lingered on his face so you couldn’t see what he was referring to.

With almost a quarter of the DVD devoted to Dan simply talking directly at the camera, I do wish there had been less talking and more recipes. Three recipes—basic, moderately creative, and really creative—would have been better.

Is it Worth $27?

For someone who is truly wanting to make eating raw a central part of their life (whether you have to lose weight or not), until eating raw is second nature, watching DVDs like this is essential. The overall message throughout helps reinforce good habits. So, in that sense, it is worth buying.

As I mentioned earlier, you could spend the time going through Dan’s videos on YouTube and learn just as much, if not more, from them. However, even if you got just one good idea from this DVD, it makes the purchase worth it. Also, you never know when a friend of a family member may a show an interest in eating better and you can share this DVD with them to help get them started.

If you are looking for a DVD that contains more recipes and ones that are a bit more advanced, I recommend Jennifer CornBleet’s Raw Food Made Easy DVD. (I’ll be reviewing that one soon.)

Rating: 3 out of 5

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