Next to Conquer: The Treadmill

I’m having a really hard time getting motivated to work out.

It’s not that I hate exercise or hate sweat. I really do want to, not just make working out a daily part of my life, I want it to become an obsession. Even though I’m aging, I still yearn to do amazing things with my body and see what it is truly capable of.

I have a distant dream of being a female amateur bodybuilder. (However, when I did my interview with Yvette Nathen-Jones, she got me thinking about powerlifting.)

I want to wake up in the morning and, without much thought, get dressed and hit the treadmill before I do anything else.

Instead, I wake up, go to the bathroom to pee, go the kitchen for some water, and sit down at my computer. I get lost in work, researching, and checking out completely useless stuff.

The truth is, working out is not a priority. I really want to make it one.

For a really long time, I was confused about how much exercise I should be doing. A couple of days ago, I did an interview with fitness expert Debra Mazda. She’s worked with a lot of overweight women. Her suggestion is 60-90 minutes a day. I’m going to trust her wisdom, work out for 60 minutes, and trust it is enough.

I’ve always been interested in interval training. This morning I read this NY Times article about doing a workout in which you work out hard for one minute, recover for a minute, then go full-out again throughout the entire workout. I like the sound of this method and want to give it a try.

My goal is to get on the treadmill and do 3 20-minute blocks. One of those blocks will include the interval training.

As I type this, I feel excited about moving my body. I’m excited to push it, challenge it, and feel the high afterward. I just don’t know how to not give in to the million distractions I have here at my computer and make my workouts important.

It’s such a weird thing. I sit here all day long agonizing over wanting to work out, chastising myself for not doing it, and yet still putting it aside over and over.

I will figure this out.

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