Ice Cream Junkie…

Today marks the first day I am going to totally follow the Six Week Body Makeover plan as it was designed.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been easing myself into it. All the groceries I buy only consist of food that’s on the plan. The days I’m “on plan”, I eat every two and a half hours and write down everything.

For the days I’m not on it, I allow myself to order takeout. The thing is, takeout just isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. There are so many things I just can’t eat anymore because they either lead to serious (and uncomfortable) gas issues or me spending a lot of time on the toilet within minutes of eating. Cheese, the food I used to love as a child, is now something my digestive system just can’t handle. Anything fried is the worst.

I’ve come to realize I feel better when I’m eating less processed food along with some animal protein. I don’t have any physical issues and, mentally, I’m clear and less irritable.

It’s the mental cravings that drive me insane. Out of the blue, I’ll mentally crave something like ice cream (something I rarely eat). I tell myself ice cream isn’t a good idea. I’ll feel sick after eating it. I tell myself it’s way too high in fat and sugar and is absolutely not part of the 6WBMO. I tell myself that, because I can’t eat it moderation, it wouldn’t be worth it. But like a relentless child who won’t accept “No” or logic or even a compromise, the “I really want some ice cream,” thought repeats in my brain. In the past, when I do give in, the usual promise I make to myself is that this is the last time…tomorrow I start getting serious and disciplined.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve told myself that. Of course, it was never the last time nor was anything really different the next day.

I’m sure if I just give myself enough time consistently eating well the cravings will subside. Once I see more weight loss, the benefit of not eating crap will become a stronger motivation than my desire to have these foods.

Ugh. Is this “addiction”? Is this what people who drink or do drugs in excess go through as well?

On another note: I have two new interviews waiting to be transformed into podcasts for ESM. This will be my weekend project.

I also vow, tomorrow’s entry will be all about me doing the upper body workout I wrote about a few days ago.

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