Finally! An Eating Plan That’s Working for Me

The first part of September went by so fast.

A fair amount of time and energy was devoted to work. Then PMS set in and I spent days agitated and tired. Then my birthday came and went…

Awhile ago, I read a blog post Stephen, from Who Ate My Blog, wrote about binge eating. It inspired me to start thinking about binge eating. When I think of a binge eater, I think of someone who, for one reason or another, is really stressed out and eats huge amounts of food to numb all the overwhelming feelings they have. That’s not me.

But, I realized, that doesn’t mean I don’t binge.

My binge eating began when I was a teenager. My stepfather was awful. I avoided him as much as possible. When my family ate meals, I stayed in my room. No matter how hungry I would be, I’d wait until he either left the house or went to sleep before I’d come to the kitchen to eat.

Also, at that time, I’d spend as much time away from home as I could. Friends would let me sleep over. The thing about staying at someone’s house is that you can’t just eat their food when you’re hungry. Most of the time, I didn’t have much money for food either. So, sometimes, I’d go days without eating. When I finally got a chance, I would binge.

Then, in my 20’s, I was horrible when it came to spending money responsibility. I’d do stuff like buy books instead of food. Again, I’d go days without eating and binge when I finally bought food.

Now, I make enough money that, to my amazement, I can go into a grocery store and buy whatever I want without having to pay attention to the price. Yet, I still maintain this famish-feast behavior.

One thought lead to another and I decided to go back to the only formal eating plan that ever worked for me: the Six Week Body Makeover.

So far, it’s working well–mainly because I keep a daily record of my food intake and make sure, no matter what I’m doing, I eat every two and a half hours.

Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like:

Breakfast: 2oz protein, ½ cup carb
Snack: 1oz protein, ½ cup fruit
Lunch: 2oz protein, ½ cup carb, 1 cup veggie
Snack: 1oz protein, ½ cup fruit
Dinner: 2oz protein, ½ cup carb, 1-2 cup veggie
Snack: 1oz protein, ½ cup fruit

This works out to about 1000-1200 calories.

The premise of this eating plan is based on your “body type” (which you determine via answering a set of questions). Depending on your body type, there are certain foods you can, and cannot, eat.

So far, I’m liking the regular meals. I’m liking the portion control as well. (Normally, I never think about portion size.)

And, truth be told, I’m liking the break from making juice.

The only thing that doesn’t feel completely right to me is eating so much protein. I don’t know. Is eight ounces of protein a day a lot?

A part of me wants to follow this plan exactly as it was designed. The other part of me wants to tweak it a bit. The only animal protein I desire to eat is chicken. (I’m going to try ground turkey in a crock pot recipe this week though.) But I was thinking of having chicken, black beans, and protein shakes as being my three main protein options.

The other thing I’m trying to work out is getting in enough fruits and veggies. On this plan, I can eat all the leafy greens I want (which is awesome), but the plan’s list of acceptable veggies doesn’t have many that I actually like, so I’m limited in choices.

And did you see how little fruit is allowed? Lack of fruit is the hardest part of following this plan because, after years of reading about eating raw, I honestly believe fruit heals the body in ways nothing else can.

For now, I’m going to add a bit more fruit—like strawberries in a protein shake or pieces of apple in my oatmeal. I’m also going to use Amazing Grass Green SuperFood, take a multivitamin, and put hemp seed and chia seeds in my protein shakes.

Food-wise, this year started off really good for me. Then, starting in the middle of March I lost the momentum and after that I couldn’t seem to get the eating thing on track. I’ve stuck with the 6WBMO plan now for almost two weeks and I’m feeling good about it. And now that I’m done with my most recent menstrual cycle, I’m hoping to start seeing some actual weight loss again.

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