ESM Podcast: Episode #14: 116lb Weight Loss Success Story—Laina Harris

Photos By: Troy Wayrynen, The Columbian Newspaper


It’s been awhile since I posted an interview, but I promise the one you’re about to hear will make up for my long absence.

With all my past interviews, each person I spoke to had lost a huge amount of weight and was either at, or very close to, their goal weight.

This time, I interviewed a woman, Laina Harris, who has lost a great deal of weight, but is still very much committed to the process of losing weight and getting healthy.

Last year, after the death of her mother, Laina began to approach her own life differently. Weighing over 400lbs, she realized her weight was keeping her from living a full, and content life. She began by changing her diet and walking around her neighborhood. Doing both has lead to a passion for both fresh, whole foods and long, challenging hikes. Also, in the midst of her weight loss, her local newspaper is publishing articles detailing her progress.

To date, Laina Harris has lost 116lbs. As you listen to her speak, you’ll hear how the weight loss has lead to many life gains.

Enjoy the interview!

Time: 77 minutes


Laina’s blog.

Laina on Twitter.

Laina on Facebook.

The Columbian newspaper articles profiling Laina: May, 2012, July, 2012, and September 2012.

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