ESM Podcast: Episode #13: 110lb Weight Loss Success Story—Lisa Eirene

It has been ages since the last episode of the ESM podcast. My excuse is that it’s been a busy summer. However, I’m back and have several new interviews coming up including the one you’re about to hear.

On her blog, Lisa Ee-rene says reaching her highest weight of 255 lbs was because of “unhealthy food choices, sugar addiction, medications, laziness, and depression”.

In 2006, after her doctor warned her she was pre-diabetic, Lisa focused on, not just losing weight, but also easing herself off of the several medications she was taking.

It took her two years to lose 110lbs. In the midst of her weight loss, she became passionate about eating healthy and becoming more active, and athletic, than she had ever been.

Enjoy the interview.

Time: 57 minutes


Lisa’s blog:

Lisa on Twitter

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