Week 2: It’s Been a Stressful Week


Last week: 358lbs

This week: 356lbs

Loss: 2lbs


It’s been a stressful week. Without any notice, a client abruptly ended the contract of the project I had been working on for years. A third of my income was gone in a flash. This sort of situation would normally send me into a mental frenzy and I would order takeout or go to McDonald’s or something to eat food that make me tired enough to sleep solidly and be able to escape my worry and stress.

I have to confess, I did buy, and eat, a large bag of potato chips. Beyond that though, I didn’t eat any bread nor sugar nor meat. It’s now been 13 days since I’ve had any of that.

The interesting thing about the potato chips is that, within hours of eating them, I could really feel my body become bloated and sluggish. It’s not a feeling I’ve experienced for awhile. I now have a much better awareness of how salt and fat make alter the way I feel.

I’m not happy about the potato chips, but I have to admit, I’m good with having narrowed things down to one vice: potato-related process food.

Beyond that, I stuck to rice and beans, green juice, and green smoothies.

I tried kumquats this week. I don’t like the taste of them. They’re too sour. After trying a few, I put the rest in this week’s juice batch.

I also bought a case of Vita Coco. When it comes to coconut water, I’ve only had one sip and don’t really know if I’d like it or not. The plan is to add it to green smoothies.


I started off the week doing treadmill workouts, but, honestly, these last few days I’ve been too much in my head and not wanting to do anything but try to think myself into feeling better or watching back to back episodes of Downton Abbey to keep me distracted.

I’m coming out of it though and will get back on the treadmill in the morning.


Whenever I am going through something that brings up intense emotion, I always neglect my body. I eat crap, I don’t sleep until I eat myself into a stupor, and I definitely don’t move my body. I’m glad I didn’t order a pizza and eat a ton of ice cream, but I do wish I was at a place where I actually longed to move my body as a means to make me feel better.

Goals for the Week:

While I’ve been going about eating beans and rice each day, I have been following the Eat To Live recommendations of eating a cup of each every day. (I’ve been eating more.) I want to try decreasing the amount and see how I feel.

I will also get back on the treadmill.

I will also, finally, post my first video.

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Week 1 Update: A New Appreciation for Beans and Rice


Last week: 362lbs

This week: 358lbs

Loss: 4lbs


In the midst of the holidays, I thought I did pretty well when it came to food choices. I didn’t go into full-out indulgence mode as I have in years past. Considering how my body bloated and felt like crap, looking back, I can now say I really did overdo it…again.

So, this was the first week not eating any refined sugar, no gluten, and no meat. I juiced a lot, drank green smoothies, and ate beans and rice every day. My body felt better, but I was tired a lot. I don’t think I was getting in enough calories.

As much as I wish I could just stop eating cooked food completely, I feel like transitioning to raw is the better way to go. I think of the mantra good, better, best and realize I’m eating a million times better than I was two weeks ago.

Having said that, the rice is ready-made jasmine and I’m mixing the rice and beans with organic salsa and corn. Eventually, I’ll need to start making brown rice myself and ditching the jarred salsa for homemade as well.

Not having been a big bean eater in the past, I was surprised when my friend David told me to pay attention to the sodium content in canned black beans. Wow. They really do pack in the sodium in regular cans of beans. Getting the organic version is worth the extra price.

Even though I’m not eating much cooked food, it surprises me how difficult it is to keep my sodium intake at 1500mg (or less) per day.


When I was planning my workouts pre-January 1st, I was sure I’d be able to have the discipline to work out twice a day. It’s not happening.

I’ve changed up my plan. The goal is to be on the treadmill an hour a day.

This past week, I didn’t work out as much as I wanted to. Workouts will be the focus of the upcoming week.


I didn’t order takeout once. I didn’t even have a mental battle of wanting to order out for food and trying to talk myself out of it. I didn’t get any fast food. I didn’t eat anything with refined sugar. It was a good week.

Body Bugg Results:

I’ve been wearing the Body Bugg for 13 days. My “Calories Burned” average is 2550. I can get over 3000 when I work out.

Technically, if the Body Bugg is accurate, if I eat 1500 calories a day and work out for an hour, I should lose 3lbs a week.

It would be much easier to calculate all of this if I could know the exact calories that are in the juices and green smoothies I make. I do try to be as accurate as I can, but I never feel like I have an exact number.

Goals For Next Week:

-Be on the treadmill every day

-Weigh 355lbs next Friday

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