Top 10 Leslie Sansone Workout DVDs: Part 1

Last week, my goal was to start a round of Power 90. After giving it some thought, I realized my goal might be a little too ambitious and that I needed to lose a bit more weight before I could handle the power yoga part of that workout.

Instead, I revisited my collection of Leslie Sansone DVDs. They really are the perfect at home workout. You don’t need a lot of space nor equipment. The moves are easy to do and easy to modify.

I’ve been using her workouts on and off for ten years.  Over that time, I’ve bought 25 of her DVDs. I find that, even though she comes out with a few new workouts each year, there are certain workouts I keep going back to over and over again.

Here’s my list of the 10 best Leslie Sansone DVDs.

Walk Aerobics: 2 Mile Walk (1999)

Leslie Sansone - Deluxe Walkaerobics Special Edition Walk Aerobics (Weight Loss Walk/Two Mile Walk)This was my first Leslie Sansone workout. This workout is a bit more challenging than the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs she would release years after this one. This workout uses the same basic moves—leg lifts, kicks, side steps, and walking in place—but she adds variation that you don’t get in the workouts she released in 2001 and beyond.

This workout has you doing grapevines, side steps up and back, kickbacks with your hand touching your toe in the back combined with knee lifts touching your toe in the front. Just before you get to the cool down, you do a segment of squats and “abductors” (coming up from a squat and raising your leg off the floor).

It’s a fast-paced 30-minute workout that I like to come back to when I’m starting to get bored with Leslie’s usual choreography.

Heart Healthy Walk (2001)

I know a lot people don’t like the Leslie Sansone workouts in which she is working out alone. Personally, I don’t mind them. From what I can, her more advanced workouts are the ones in which she is alone. While this workout isn’t considered advanced, it does move briskly. It’s typical Leslie Sansone moves, but I found with this workout, there is less walking in place and more of the other moves are used.

Some days you’re going to be in mood for a long workout that moves at a steady pace. Other days you’ll appreciate a workout like this that is 30 minutes long, challenges you by not letting you rest up too much between the more exerting moves, and leaves you feeling like you got a lot out of the workout.

Walk & Kick (2001)

I have always been interested in kickboxing. When I weighed a lot less, I loved doing the original Tae Bo series. Since I’ve gained weight, I haven’t found many basic kickboxing workouts I can get through. This workout soothes my craving for kickboxing.

This workout is divided up into segments. Half the segments are of Leslie and her background exercisers doing Leslie’s signature moves. The other segments are basic kickboxing moves including: various punches, kicking, speed bag, etc. What I most appreciate about this workout is that the non-kickboxing segments are challenging while the kickboxing aren’t. During the kickboxing segments, you get a chance to catch your breath while doing some cool moves and then, before you know it, you’re right back into doing fast-moving knee lifts and kickbacks. The variety of moves and pacing help the workout go by really fast.

Walk Away the Pounds—Original Series (2001)

This workout series was the beginning of an annoying trend, but is the DVD I always recommend to people wanting to know which Leslie Sansone workout they should buy.

Leslie began using gadgets to make her various walking workouts just a little bit different. Over the years she’s used “stretchy” bands, weighted gloves, a resistance belt, and something called a “WalkBlaster”. In this original Walk Away the Pounds series she uses weighted balls. Substituting light dumbbells for the weighted balls is easy. I appreciate this series because it comes with two workouts—the 1 Mile Super Challenge and the 2 Mile High Calorie Burn. Both workouts move at a moderate pace. They’re good for the days when you want to get in a workout, but aren’t quite in the mood for anything too challenging.

Another aspect of this workout I like is that, while most of the background exercisers are following Leslie, one is doing modified moves that are a bit easier while another person is doing an extremely easy modified version. There have been times when I have just gotten back into exercising and couldn’t keep up with Leslie and had to follow the modifications. I appreciated having that person to watch.

Back in 2009, a DVD that has all the original WATP workouts was released. It’s called Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection.

Walk Strong

Leslie Sansone--Walk StrongI’m all about doing dedicated strength training workouts. However, over the years, I’ve really enjoyed Leslie’s strength training interval workout. As always, After a warm up, Leslie takes you through a segment of her basic moves. This lasts about three minutes. This is followed by a weight interval. You’d think because her workouts are considered “basic”, the weight intervals would be a breeze to get through. Not so much.

For the few minutes you’re using weights, you’re doing compound moves (two moves at the same time, like, lunges and bicep curls). If you were using heavy enough dumbbells your biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders get a decent workout. She doesn’t do any exercises for the chest and abs though. Your lower body is also getting worked out with repeated squat and lunges. The workout is 30 minutes and for days when you want to do a workout that’s a bit different than the usual Leslie Sansone DVD.

In part two, I list the other five favorites. These are more recent workouts and are the ones that are longer, faster, and more challenging.

What are your favorite Leslie Sansone DVDs? Please tell me in the comments below.

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Review: Juicing With the Omega Vert VRT350 Juicer

Last summer, I wanted to buy a new juicer. I wanted one that didn’t take up a lot of counter space, one that yielded a lot of juice from the produce I would be juicing, and one that didn’t sound like an airplane landing in my kitchen when I was juicing.

I kept hearing about the Omega VRT350 and its exceptional performance and quality. Omega has been around for years and they are known for making premium blenders, food processors and juicers.

Often times, when people first get into juicing, they buy a cheap juicer. It’s understandable considering you’re not sure how much you’ll be using it. As you get more serious about juicing, you’re going to want a better juicer. (That’s what happened to me.)

When it comes to cost, the Omega VRT350 is a middle-of-the road juicer. It’s more expensive than the cheaper Breville models, but it is cheaper than the all-mighty Green Star juicer.

I recommend making the investment in the VRT350. Remember, this is an investment in your health. This juicer can get you started on the road to a healthier lifestyle by strengthening your immune system and detoxify your body from free radicals.

Product Features
• Dual stage juicing system with fine and coarse filter screens
• Auto pulp ejection and reverse mode in case of clogging
• Compact base
• Suitable for juicing wheatgrass
• Low-speed juicing prevents oxidation and degradation
• Contemporary and stylish design
• Easy to store
• Comes with accessories including coarse and fine screens, self-cleaning screen holder, tamper, cleaning brush
• Two juicing cups (50-oz)
• 10-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


Before buying any juicer, you have to ask yourself what you want out of that juicer. Sadly, there isn’t one juicer that will fit all your needs. Remember, Omega VRT350 is optimized for low-speed performance but stable functions. Low-speed juicing prevents oxidation of juice which means you’ll get more nutrients from this juicer than you would using a high-speed juicer.

Also, this juicer does an amazing job at extracting juice and leaving very little pulp. What pulp is left is very dry. Bottom line: For the money you’re spending on produce, very little of the food you are juicing will go to waste.
However, quality does come with a price. You’ll need to take time to cut your fruits, veggies, and greens before you use this juicer. You’ll also need to give the juicer time to thoroughly juice your produce.

Overall Design

At first glance, you’ll notice that Omega VRT350 has a really cool and distinctive look. It screams modern and contemporary features unlike other conventional juicers available. The compact and stable base is also a big plus.

Many people are happy that they purchased this juicer since it doesn’t use up much space on the kitchen counter. That was a selling point for me.

When it comes to noise, compared to a juicer like the Breville Juicer Elite, the VRT350 is much quieter.

One thing to note, this juicer heats up the longer you use it. The manual recommends you not use it for longer than 30 minutes.

Another feature I appreciate is the “Reverse” switch. If, by chance, something gets caught in the juicer (like fibers from kale stems), you can switch to “Reverse” mode and the juicer will turn counter clockwise until it is unstuck.

Best Uses

One of the main reasons why I bought this juicer was because it also juices wheatgrass. It’s a bonus to have one less appliance in the kitchen and to have not needed to buy a dedicated wheatgrass juicer.

In the near future, I’ll be making a video showing how to juice wheatgrass. For now, I can say that 225g/8oz of wheatgrass yields about 8oz of wheatgrass juice and leaves behind extremely dry pulp.

Some people say this juicer isn’t the best when it comes to juicing greens and that there are better juicers out there for juicing greens (such as the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer), but I juice greens in the VRT350 all the time and feel as though it does a good job.

Want to see the Omega VRT350 in action? Watch this video I made of me making a huge batch of green juice:


• Easy to clean
• Works quietly and efficiently
• Efficient design
• Juices comes out smooth and clean

• Not the cheapest model out there
• Juicing takes time

If you’re willing to invest some money and some time, this juicer will not disappoint. It’s small and compact, but it’s a powerful workhorse. Omega is a trusted company that makes good quality products. How often do you come across a company that offers a ten year warranty on a kitchen appliance? I have been using this juicer almost every day for the past eight months and I have no complaints.

Check out this juicer on Amazon. (That’s where I got mine.)

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