March’s 5 YouTube Videos That Will Help You Eat (Better), Sleep (Soundly), Move (More)

Just over a week ago, I started going to bed around midnight. This has been something new for me. Usually, I stay up all night and try to sleep during the day. The problem is, during the day, something wakes me up and I don’t get much sleep at all. I was often tired and couldn’t focus. This video by Dan McDonald inspired me to start taking my sleeping routine much more seriously:

Right now, I’m doing a green smoothie feast. I’ve always wanted to do a juice fast. When I was researching juice fasting, I found Melissa’s juice fasting videos and came to appreciate her and all the videos she has made:

Even though I’m not eating right now, one day, I do want to make this raw blueberry crumble created by Dara Dubinet:

These days, I’m on the treadmill a lot. I want to lose enough weight to begin using workout DVDs and be able to move my body much more. The Leslie Sansone Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan is my next purchase:

When I’m on the treadmill, this is one of the songs on my workout playlist that gets me moving faster:

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Feburary’s 5 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Eat (Better), Sleep (Soundly), Move (More)

Each month, I’m going to share five YouTube channels I’ve come across and have found helpful when it comes to learning how to eat better, getting ideas for workouts, and learning more about self-care.

When It Comes to Food…

I’ve been studying eating raw food for a few years now. I’m not 100% raw, but I eat/drink more fruits and veggies these days than I have in my entire life. Mostly, I juice a lot and it’s all thanks to Dan McDonald, the “Life Regenerator”.

With over 1000 videos to choose from, I like his older ones with just him and his Breville juicer in front of an RV talking passionately about the benefits of juicing:

When it comes to getting started eating more raw foods, I found Natasha’s Raw Radiant Health channel filled with a lot of answers to questions that come up often for people such as, “What does a raw foodist eat in the winter?” or “What is the best dehydrator to buy?”.

She’s not making videos for this channel anymore, but she left behind a lot of helpful advice:

When It Comes to Exercise…

Truthfully, when it comes to finding a channel devoted to exercising, I haven’t found one that I really, really love. I will say though, the SparkPeople channel is one of the better ones for anyone needing some ideas for uncomplicated workouts:

When I watch videos done by a personal trainer, a part of me longs to find someone I feel I can relate to—a woman whose body is a bit more curvy rather than being a size I’m not sure I could ever get to. The other part of me is drawn to women trainers who is super fit and can do moves I only dream of. When it comes down to it, I find myself watching videos of people whose heart and passion shine through.

I recently found Amanda Russell’s channel. While watching her, I get the sense she’s very committed to educating people about fitness. Many of her videos feature circuit workouts (which I love because a circuit workout is never boring). I do wish she’d including more modifications for the exercises because, personally, I can’t ever see myself doing a lot of handstand kicks:

When It Comes to Sleep…

From time to time, I come across Dr. Joseph Mercola’s videos when I searching for information about nutrition, thyroid issues, supplements, etc. I don’t agree with everything he recommends, but I have learned a lot while watching him. Here’s a video he did on getting good sleep:

Do you have any favorite health, fitness, or wellness YouTube channel favorites? Please share the links in the comments.

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