New Year is a moment of endless possibilities, a time to begin writing new chapters in your life.

-Nina Garcia

I’m starting off 2012 with a mission to change my life.

As I type this, on Jan. 1st, 2012, I weigh 362lbs.

I haven’t had any major health issues to deal with. I figure, at the weight I’m at now, that could change at any moment. My worst fear is that, without warning, I could have a heart attack or stroke.

I’m making it my full-time job to document everything about this year—everything I eat, my workouts, and the things I learn along the way.

What got me to this point is pretty obvious—I neglected my body. Actually, more accurately, while trying to avoid feeling anything, I ate horribly and have spent almost two decades sitting in front of a computer while barely exercising. Weight gain has been a byproduct of checking out emotionally.

Many times people have told me that I live in my head too much. Living in my head has served me well in certain areas of my life. Financially, I’m  doing great. I know a lot of stuff. I get to spend my days doing something I love–working as an editorial director and watching books start off as an idea and then come to life as products on Amazon. I’m never bored.

The thing is, I’ve begun feeling as though all this excess weight is starting to take away my freedom. It’s one thing to, say, know you could walk around the block, but you choose not to. It’s another thing when the idea of walking around the block freaks you out because you realize something you could once do with ease is now something you can barely do.

So, this year is about:

-Connecting with my body

-Connecting with my emotions

-Spending more time away from my computer

-Reclaiming a life with ease

What lead me to become this weight? Check out my weight history.