ESM Podcast: Episode #12: July 2012 Update

In this podcast, David and I talk about how things went for me in the month of July and my goals for the this month.


Time: 12 minutes


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Power 90 Inspired Tabata

Yesterday proved to be a huge turning point for me. I’ll be making a video about that later today.

I’ve  made the choice to get serious about fitness.

For so long, I’ve wanted to do a round of Power 90. I’ve mentioned to several people. I’ve gone back to the Power 90 forum and read threads of messages written by people who are doing a round. Yet, here I am, not doing it because I know I’d have a hard time doing the power yoga segment.

Yesterday, I got the idea to take my favorite moves from Power 90 and turn them into a tabata. Here’s what it looks like:

Warm up: 2 minutes (stretching)

Eight moves:

Leg lifts

“X Work” (imagine a plus sign on your floor…put your left foot in the upper left corner, then right foot in the upper right corner then left foot bottom left corner, right foot bottom right corner…move up and back quickly)

Run in each “X” corner (same plus sign…run in place for a count of three in each corner before moving to the next corner)

Front kick

Side kick

Knee thrust



Each move is done for 50 seconds. Take a 10 second break before moving to the next move.

Do three rounds of all eight moves.

Cool down: 2 minutes of stretching.

Here’s a sped-up video of two people doing Power 90:

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The Morning After (A Binge)…

It’s been a crappy 12 hours. I look at this video and wonder if I’ll ever get to see what my face looks like thin rather than bloated and stretched out by excess weight.

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