Day 1: Leslie Sansone Workout Challenge

Today’s workout: Get Up & Get Started

What better workout to start out with than this one?

It’s a 1-mile walk and part of the original Walk Away the Pounds series.

Even though I’m excited about this challenge and to see where it takes me, I wasn’t really feeling this workout. I blame it on the fact that I waited until late to do it. I had eaten shortly before as well. I was tired and feeling…heavy.

When I’m doing treadmill workouts, I get bored. I listen to music, audiobooks, and watch TV shows, but still, being on the treadmill is boring. However… Even just doing this 15-minute workout challenged me more than I push myself while on the treadmill and I started to wish I was back on the treadmill.

It’s an effort to move around an extra 200lbs.

Also, when I’m on the treadmill, I tend to go at a moderate pace (moderate for me). When doing this workout, as much as I would like to go at my own pace, there’s something about being determined to keep up with all the background exercisers that motivates me to not go easy.

Not gonna lie: I was able to keep up with the lower body moves, but I spent more time hanging on to my 3lb dumbbells during the “weighed ball” section than I did doing the various upper body moves you’re supposed to do.

I dream of the day I come back to this workout and be like, “I can’t believe there was a time when I couldn’t do this with ease!”

I also think about how, as time goes on, I can make these workouts a bit more interesting (like using a step during the “walking in place” sections).

Next up: the 2-mile workout on the same DVD. After that, I must do my favorite L.S workout, Walk and Kick.

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I did it…

So, after spending days agonizing over my decision to get my hair cut, I somehow managed to get myself out the door, put aside my fears, and make it happen.

It’s a funny thing–I was more preoccupied with not feeling at ease once I got to the salon (because of my weight) and really didn’t think about what it was going to feel like not having tons of hair anymore. (My hair used to go all the way down my back.) I knew I wanted it short, but good gravy, I wasn’t prepared for how different it would feel to have it so, so, so short.

The coolest part was that I had so much hair that I was able to donate it. It was the best part of the experience.

The stylist and I chatted about books, TV shows, cities, and various things. Usually, I like to just close my eyes (to avoid looking in the mirror) and not talk at all. This time, though, I have to admit, it was a really enjoyable conversation.

The only minor glitches were the smock she had me put on barely fit, once I got into the chair, my tummy was hanging down and I was constantly trying to cover it up (and so relieved when she put the cape in front of me before she started to cut), and, worst of the worst, I had a bit of an issue pulling myself upright after she washed my hair.

It was a good experience though. I’m glad I pushed myself to do it.

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The Shame (and Regret) That Comes With Being So Obese

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90-Day Leslie Sansone Workout Challenge

I’m about to embark on something that is either going to change my life or cause my head to explode.

Shortly after starting this blog, I wrote a post about my favorite Leslie Sansone workouts. As I was going through my pile of DVDs, I realized I have accumulated A LOT of Leslie Sansone workouts over the past ten years or so.

Some of them I love and have fond memories of. Some of them I hated. Some of them I’ve never done.

I have a love/hate relationship with Leslie Sansone workouts. When I haven’t worked out in a really long time, I can do one of her 30-minute workouts, get through it well enough, and end the workout feeling a sense of accomplishment. Also, I really, really appreciate that the moves are basic and don’t take any dance skill or coordination (which I have little of).

On the other hand, Leslie has one of those personalities you can only take so much of. (Clarification: “I” can only take so much of. “You” may have a different reaction to her.)

On good days, I appreciate her light banter and giggles. On days when I’m feeling frustrated and agitated, I just want to mute the volume on my TV.

So, I got to thinking about all these workouts and I decided to do a Leslie Sansone workout challenge. Originally, the idea was to just do 30 days. Then I was going to do 45 days. Finally, I settled on 90 days. Why?

Over the years, Leslie has put dozens and dozens of workout DVDs. (If you want to see an extensive list, I’ll include on at the end of this post.) I think I could get through 90 days and do a different workout for each day. Variety is going to keep things interesting.

I also like that her workouts range from 15-60 minutes long which adds to the variety. With so many options, I felt like I couldn’t do a Leslie Sansone workout challenge justice if I only did it for a few weeks.

Of course, the reality is, no matter what theme the workout has, I’ll be doing the same basic moves day in and day out. I may lose my mind because of this…

Also, the first week of August, I’m going to NYC for the BlogHer conference. I’d like to have lost more weight by then. I’m hoping do this challenge will be a fun, cool thing to do to help me lose weight and feel good about attending the conference.

I’ll also be doing a 30-minute treadmill workout each day and walking outside.

Every day, I’ll write a short blog post detailing my L.S workout.

Get into this challenge with me!

If you’re a Leslie Sansone fan and want to join in with me (you may just want to do 14 or 30 days), leave a comment below. We’ll do this together.

If you don’t want to do the challenge, or have no idea who Leslie Sansone is, I double-dare you to get up right now and do this 3-minute mini workout:

As promised, here’s the extensive list of L.S workouts: show

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ESM Podcast: Episode #10: 100lb Weight Loss Success Story—Justin Smith

There was a time when Justin Smith couldn’t imagine what life was like not being overweight.

At the beginning of 2010, he was 100lbs overweight. After a dire warning from his doctor, he got serious about losing his excess weight.

Within this interview, Justin talks about the many years he spent being overweight, the mindset change that got him started with his weight loss journey, and how he went from working out at home to now having a total passion for running marathons.

Enjoy the interview.

Time: 60 minutes


Justin on Tumblr

Justin on Twitter

Huffington Post article about Justin’s weight loss

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Ready For Summer Challenge: Week 3 Check-In

It always amazes me how things can get thrown off track so easily.

Last week, I didn’t do a check-in because I ended up killing the power supply on my computer and had to wait days before I could get a new one.

While all that was going on, I got more and more off track with my eating and exercise.
It’s funny. Back in January, when I decided I was going to devote the whole year to focusing on weight loss, I never would have thought I’d lose $2,000/month of income in the blink of an eye and that my relationship with my best friend would change so dramatically within a matter of weeks.

I wish I could say I’m handling it all really well by still getting on the treadmill and keeping my eating in check, but I’m not. Yesterday, I got on the treadmill for the first time in a very long time. And while, on most days, my eating hasn’t been to an extreme, it feels like all the progress I made for the first ten weeks of this year seems to have fallen by the wayside.

The good news is, I haven’t gained back the weight I have lost. However, if I don’t get things under control, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

And in the midst of all this, I’m leaving for NYC on Thursday. It was trip I had planned back in December, when I had envisioned myself weighing a lot less by this time. A big part of me doesn’t want to go. I feel like shutting off my phone, shutting down the computer, and just staying in bed until I get some clarity or begin to feel better.

Maybe walking all over NYC will be just what I need. I have no idea how to handle the food situation while I’m away for five days.
All of this stuff keeps leading back to the same conclusion: When it comes down to it, I have to bring the focus back to myself and begin to take care of myself. That’s what makes me the most uncomfortable—having to face myself and to stop the neglect.

I’m not even sure what goals to set for this week. I suppose my hope is to move my body, keep documenting my food intake, and do what I can to feel better.

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Ahhh! I’m Back to Making Videos!

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