Ready For Summer Challenge: Week 1 Begins!

Ack! I’ve been spending so much time on YouTube lately, I almost missed out on discovering this weight loss challenge.

Since beginning ESM, I usually post a weekly update, but being able to share my weekly results and upcoming goals with a group of others doing the same thing will be a new experience and, hopefully, something cool.

To see my long-term goals for the challenge, check out this page.

Here are my goals for this week:

Weight loss goal: 4lbs

Non-Scale Victory: Be in bed by midnight every night this week

Exercise goal: 1 hour on the treadmill every day

Nutritional goal: No ordering out for food, no fries, no potato chips, sticking to green smoothies

Week 1 Mini-Challenge: Try a fruit or veg I have never had before. I may try fennel this week. However, I might wimp out and seek out some exotic fruit I have yet to try.

I can’t wait to see how others progress during this challenge!

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Green Smoothie Feast: Day 10: The Making of an Epic Smoothie

Ingredients: Spinach, romaine lettuce, banana, strawberries, celery, oranges, and Vita CoCo

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Green Smoothie Feast: Day 9: Making Health a Priority (Venting)

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Green Smoothie Feast: Day 8: Grocery Haul

My latest podcast is up! My interview Hattie Montgomery, a woman who lost 300lbs is just a click away.

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ESM Podcast: Episode #8: 300lb Weight Loss Success Story—Hattie Montgomery

Weighing over 500lbs, Hattie Montgomery felt as though she was on the verge of dying.

Besides the excess weight, she was carrying emotional hurt after enduring years of being bullied as an overweight teenager as well as the aftermath of a sexual assault that took place in her 20’s.

It was the will to live that gave her the drive and determination to lose 300lbs.

Within this interview, Hattie explains what lead her to get serious about losing weight, how she lost weight, and the changes she experienced along the way.

Her words are profound and truly inspirational.

Enjoy the interview.

Time: 65 minutes


Hattie on Twitter

Hattie on Facebook

Huffington Post article about Hattie’s weight loss

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Green Smoothie Feast: Day 6 & 7: Weigh-In and Goals

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Green Smoothie Feast: Day 5: Making Connections

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