115lb Weight Loss Success Story—72 Year-Old Betty Lou Sweeney


Like so many of us, 72 year-old Betty Lou Sweeney spent years battling her weight.

As a child, she lived in several foster homes and endured abuse. Those childhood wounds, along with the stresses of life, fueled a sugar addiction that lead her to gain a great deal of weight. At her highest, she weighed 250lbs.

After spending years dieting and then gaining the weight back (plus more) as well as dealing with various serious health issues, at age 69, Betty Lou knew she had to make a choice—either lose weight and get healthy or die.

On her own, she began to slowly lose weight, but when she connected with personal trainer Dave Candra at her local gym things began to dramatically change. Over the course of three years, Betty Lou lost 115lbs, and became healthy and strong—so strong in fact, in 2011, she broke the world’s record for holding the plank position for 36 minutes and 58 seconds.

Within this interview, Betty Lou tells of how she lost the weight, how much exercise has changed her life, and offers inspiration for us all.

Enjoy the interview…

Time: 67 minutes

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