ESM Podcast: Episode #15: 115lb Weight Loss Success Story—72 Year-Old Betty Lou Sweeney

Like so many of us, 72 year-old Betty Lou Sweeney spent years battling her weight. As a child, she lived in several foster homes and endured abuse. Those childhood wounds, along with the stresses of life, fueled a sugar addiction that lead her to gain a great deal of weight. At her highest, she weighed […]

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ESM Podcast: Episode #14: 116lb Weight Loss Success Story—Laina Harris

  It’s been awhile since I posted an interview, but I promise the one you’re about to hear will make up for my long absence. With all my past interviews, each person I spoke to had lost a huge amount of weight and was either at, or very close to, their goal weight. This time, […]

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ESM Podcast: Episode #13: 110lb Weight Loss Success Story—Lisa Eirene

It has been ages since the last episode of the ESM podcast. My excuse is that it’s been a busy summer. However, I’m back and have several new interviews coming up including the one you’re about to hear. On her blog, Lisa Eirene says reaching her highest weight of 255 lbs was because of “unhealthy […]

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ESM Podcast: Episode #11: 170lb Weight Loss Success Story—Heather Robertson

All too often we find ourselves so busy. Whether you’re a parent, going to school, or trying to keep up with the demands of your job, many of us, at one time or another, have neglected our health and felt our weight creep up while we focused on other things in our lives. We always […]

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ESM Podcast: Episode #10: 100lb Weight Loss Success Story—Justin Smith

There was a time when Justin Smith couldn’t imagine what life was like not being overweight. At the beginning of 2010, he was 100lbs overweight. After a dire warning from his doctor, he got serious about losing his excess weight. Within this interview, Justin talks about the many years he spent being overweight, the mindset […]

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ESM Podcast: Episode #8: 300lb Weight Loss Success Story—Hattie Montgomery

Weighing over 500lbs, Hattie Montgomery felt as though she was on the verge of dying. Besides the excess weight, she was carrying emotional hurt after enduring years of being bullied as an overweight teenager as well as the aftermath of a sexual assault that took place in her 20’s. It was the will to live […]

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ESM Podcast: Episode #6: 150lb Weight Loss Success Story — Shapely Girl Fitness Founder Debra Mazda

Almost 30 years ago, Debra Mazda weighed nearly 300lbs. Fueled by a desire to feel better, weigh less, and have a better life, Debra made the decision to start working out at a neighbourhood gym. Remember, those were the days before the Internet—before we had access to tons of information, could ask experts questions, and […]

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